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My Story

My purpose in creating The Phoenix Effect was to empower women.   

My goal is to assist and guide you through modern spiritual practices to rise from the ashes and soar like a phoenix, into your life.​

I pride myself not only as a tarot reader but as an empath, who connects with others,

Dedicated to assisting them in achieving their highest potential. 


Through tarot and grounding methods, I welcome and encourage you to embark on this

journey of self-awareness and empowerment.​


I have specifically curated and personalised some of my services to extend beyond tarot.

In order to help every goddess understand not only their tarot experience, but also how to plant it into actual self-love practices, I use self-love tools like essential oils and candles.


The Phoenix Effect will support you with daily practices to help you become more aware of the importance and self-empowerment.

Working together, we analyse and interpret the influences in your life that 

contribute to your self-love and self-worth.​


Our journey together will culminate in you having tools such as grounding techniques, products that will aid you in becoming greater self-aware,

a tarot reading you keep for life that extends faith and motivation beyond your troubles.


The role I play here is to spiritually guide you to your phoenix energy within.

This means the energy we all have inside that allows us to heal, rise and command the goals we desire.

Let's transform those limited belief systems, transmuting that lack of belief into

the phoenix of YOUR life.

I invite you to look back, not at your past.

But at the wings on your back.

Because it’s time to take off.

It's time to feel that Phoenix Effect.

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