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Phoenix Awakening


The Phoenix Awakening Healing journey is a transformative experience,

allowing you to reap the benefits of not only a life changing reading that is curated to lead you to a path of clarity and confidence,

but it is supported by 1-on-1 holistic guidance and hands on support,

that gives you tools and practices that you take away and keep for life.

Working with healer/empath/tarot reader,

Emma helps you reconnect & reignite the Goddess within!

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What is the Phoenix Experience?

 The Phoenix Awakening journey is an investment in your growth as you desire to remove set backs in life and reconnect to who you are meant to be in this world

through 1-on-1 support through holistic practices.

Connecting with your energy,

we do a deep dive into what areas are holding you back,

ascertaining what spiritual and self-care practices are best suited to propel you forward.

You will be astonished as to what confirmations and guidance the tarot cards will reveal. 


The Phoenix Awakening is for the woman who is ready to move through life now with more confidence,

healing and understanding.

But most importantly, level up knowing you are prepared to say farewell to old patterns and wounds and a

big hello to blessings and goddess energy!

Rise from the ashes and soar with confidence, it’s time to feel that Phoenix Effect!

Here are a few words from those that experienced the Phoenix Effect
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