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Love Reading

Love Reading

The perfect blend for bringing clarity to your mind and healing to your heart.


You can use this if you want to know where you stand with a certain person, the potential outcome.


To help you achieve your highest level of happiness, I always provide honest and aligned readings.

Please note: I do not provide twin flame readings.


My guidance will be in your soul's best interest according to what the universe has asked me to provide for you.


📧 Delivery- this is an approx 20 minute emailed pre-recorded voice reading and will be sent approximately 5-10 working days from date of purchase.

You don’t need to be online for emailed readings.


📢 📱- This reading is not available for a phone or live reading.

  • Disclaimer

    *Please select READINGS in the drop-down at the final page UNDER DELIVERY.*

    Please ensure you read the disclaimer and policies on the homepage dropdown for any questions and additional information on our booking policies.

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